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Partial list of DokuWiki plugins used:

01) clear history
02) fontface (used to set up better fonts)
03) move (renames pages)
04) ocimage (OldCoder plugin discussed below)
05) page redirect (used to redirect pages)
06) page title
07) skipentity
08) wrap (used to make the boxes)

The “move” plugin is supposedly risky to use. However, it seems to work fine for simple sites.

This DokuWiki provides source-code archives for the external plugins used in a subdirectory named “src”.

Partial list of other DokuWiki changes:

09) Theme is a fork of “Mind The Dark”
10) Text is justified (using “wrap”)
11) Primary font is Merriweather (using “fontface”)
12) We've started to add soft hyphens
13) Revision history is reset manually periodically
14) Search box is hidden (it's not that useful)
15) Revision history is usually hidden
16) Search engines are enabled but archiving is disabled
17) Search-engine friendly URLs are used
18) Search engine index delay is disabled
19) A superfluous security warning has been patched out

Some of these changes are discussed further below.

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