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CoderWiki: Misc. Tech

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Security warning patch:

This DokuWiki has been patched as follows to suppress the use of a broken function:

In "inc/Ui/Admin.php":
 protected function showSecurityCheck() {
     global $conf;
+    return; // This function is broken

Soft hyphens:

This DokuWiki adds the following minor feature:


The parenthesized word inserts a soft hyphen; i.e., a hyphen that's invisible unless it's needed.

Note: There's a preexisting DokuWiki plugin which does something similar, but it's too old to work.

Setting code-box colors:

To define a DokuWiki code-box type that has particular colors, add a block similar to the following to the file “conf/userstyle.css”:

pre.salad {
    background-color : #ffffff ;
    color            : #000000 ;

Replace “salad” with the type name that you'd like to use. Modify the two colors as desired. Finally, clear your browser cache. You can now use the command <code salad> (replac­ing “salad” with the appro­pri­ate type name) to start a code block with the colors that you've set.

Disable archiving:

This DokuWiki has been patched to attempt to disable archiving by Internet Archive and similar sites. Indexing isn't affected. The patch used was as follows:

Edit “inc/template.php”. Look for lines similar to either of the following:

$head['meta'][] = ... follow');
$head['meta'][] = ... nofollow');

and insert “,noarchive” immediately after “follow” or “nofollow”.

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