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CoderWiki: OCImage Plugin

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ocimage plugin:

This DokuWiki includes a plugin named “ocimage” that was created by OldCoder for use by the original “” site. The plugin hasn't been formally released yet but a release should be expected in due course.

Presently, “ocimage” can be used to insert images in either of two modes:

01) Large image inserted outside of all WRAP divs, centered, can be displayed either with or without a title. The image will scale up to a specified width and not beyond.

02) Small image (100px to 300px wide) inserted inside a WRAP div. The image floats to the right of the text in the div.

The first “ocimage” mode works like this:

<ocimage toast.jpg | 800 | We boast of toast></ocimage>
1st arg = Image-file name without path
2nd arg = Max width in pixels to display
3rd arg = Image title

Important: This mode should only be used outside of page-content WRAP divs. It should, however, be used inside the page-background WRAP div (if one exists for a particular page).

A subdirectory named “images” should be created in the DokuWiki top-level directory. Image files to be used with “ocimage” should be uploaded manually to that directory.

The filename shouldn't include spaces. None of the arguments should include unusual characters. If possible, just these characters should be used: letters, digits, underscores, dashes, periods, and (for the title only) spaces.

The type of command line indicated above will display a centered and mobile-responsive image with a title line of the same width right above it. The image will expand, as the display permits, up to the specified maximum width.

If somebody clicks or taps on the image, they'll get a larger and/or zoomable copy of the image. Android zoom gestures, for example, should work.

This plugin may work in some contexts where standard image support and/or other plugins don't work as desired.

If a title line isn't desired, either of the following alternate command formats may be used:

<ocimage toast.jpg | 800></ocimage>
<ocimage toast.jpg | 800 | none></ocimage>

The second “ocimage” mode works like this:

<ocimage toast.jpg | right></ocimage>
1st arg = Image-file name without path
2nd arg = The word "right" (without double quotes)

This mode should only be used inside a WRAP div and before other content in the div. It'll float the specified image to the right of the content.

Important: The image file should have small dimensions in this case as this version of the command doesn't support scaling.

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