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CoderWiki: Website Setup

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Website setup:

1) By default, this DokuWiki expects to be installed in a top-level directory of the associated website domain named “doku”.

2) This DokuWiki is intended for use with “nginx”. Specific “nginx” configuration changes are needed; the changes are discussed at this link. However, things may work with Apache or a generic copy of “nginx” if the setting indicated below is changed back to 0:

In "conf/dokuwiki.php":
$conf['userewrite'] = 1;

If this is done, Apache or “nginx” will need to be configured, regardless, to support generic PHP scripts.

3) This DokuWiki may be installed in a subdirectory other than “doku”. However, if this is done, changes may be required to the associated “nginx” “server” block and to links in the site content.

As a related point, a single website can host multiple different copies of this DokuWiki, each stored in its own top-level site subdirectory. Each copy will need its own code in the site's “nginx” “server” block.

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